Terms and Conditions

User contributions to Chatterley Whitfield Online

All content that is contributed to the chatterleywhitfield.online website by its users will be made available on chatterleywhitfield.online with your permission, provided with the following declaration:

Declaration: I, the Performer/Author/Copyright Holder, confirm that I hereby grant to the University of Keele a perpetual, non-exclusive licence of the copyright [and all other intellectual property rights] in my contribution to use in all and any media for the purpose of Planning Creativity: Participatory Heritage and Decision Making. I understand that I can withdraw at any time by contacting the named project leader, but that it may not be possible to withdraw my contribution from all media in which it has been used. I understand that this will not affect my moral right to be identified as the Copyright Holder in accordance with the Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988.

This means that when a user submits material to the chatterleywhitfield.online website, they allow the University of Keele to use their submission for the purposes of completing the project Planning Creativity: Participatory Heritage and Decision Making. You can find out more about this project and our other projects in the relevant section of this website.

Your permission is not time-limited, but you do have the freedom to withdraw from the project at any point. If this happens, we will permanently delete your username and all submissions from the website, and from any digital resources we have used your submission in, as far as we can. It may not be possible to withdraw your submitted material from all media however - for example, if it appears in a print publication, or within an artistic production as a result of the project.

If you do not agree with these policies please do not contribute material and/or metadata to chatterleywhitfield.online.

In granting your permission, you guarantee that:

If you do not want to accept these terms, then please do not contribute material to Chatterley Whitfield 3D.

You will be asked to agree to these terms each time that you submit material to chatterleywhitfield.online.

Takedown Policy

If you are a rights holder and are concerned that you have found material on our website for which you have not given permission, we will of course remove it. Please contact us by email on info@chatterleywhitfield.online stating the following:

Privacy Policy

We will publicly display your username alongside your contributions once they have been approved. Other users will be able to search for all contributions uploaded by the same user.

We will only use any other contact details you provide, including your email address to contact you about your contributions to this collection.

We will never share your contact details or other identifying personal information with any other organisations.