Policy Paper: Creative Decommissioning

Policy Paper draft (Google Docs)

Welcome to the Policy Paper co-production space! In the link(s) above, we will develop a ‘policy paper’, or possibly two different documents, outlining our recommendations for how local people might be more fairly and sensitively involved in processes of decommissioning. We hope that what we produce here will be adopted as guidelines for best practice by relevant statutory bodies, and will be considered by House of Commons Select Committees, under relevant calls.

Here, you will see the drafting process of people involved in producing the paper as we develop it.

You can be involved too! If you think there is something we have missed, or something that is wrong, let us know by e-mailing the primary investigator on the project, Ben Anderson: b.anderson@keele.ac.uk, and we will do our best to accommodate your perspectives.

You can even play a larger role if you wish - as an commenter or even editor. Just send me an e-mail briefly explaining why you are interested, and I’ll ask you to agree to a short series of ground rules before you get access.